Our Solution

Apps + Cloud + Tags
Genuiniti leverages advances in cryptography, mobile, deep learning, near field communication, cloud, and location to offer a mobile app that lets consumers verify the authenticity of products equipped with smart tags activated with Genuiniti’s platform by participating brands.
Genuiniti offers apps that work its smart tags and cloud to let consumers distinguish authentic products from counterfeits
Genuiniti's technology makes counterfeiting impractical
Impractical To Copy
What makes Genuiniti unique is that its technology makes counterfeiting impractical. Specifically, Genuiniti’s smart tags and their software are resistant to copying. Any copy made or unauthorized reuse of packaging is automatically detected by the platform and blocked.
Verify Before You Buy
Genuiniti’s ability to let consumers verify the authenticity of their intended purchase before paying for it is a vital line of defense against the sale of counterfeits. This capability protects consumers, brands, retailers, and other parts of the supply chain from the dangers of counterfeits.
Genuiniti lets consumers verify authenticity of products before they purchase them
Genuiniti's features protect you from unscrupulous insiders as well
Protects From Insiders
One of the biggest counterfeiting threats to a brand comes from its unscrupulous insiders. Fortunately, Genuiniti’s features like activation geofencing and real-time monitoring ensure that insiders are under check. These capabilities have already saved millions of dollars for our client brands.
Promote Authentic Sales
Genuiniti serves as a valuable meeting point between a brand and its consumers. That’s why it’s a great place to promote a brand and reward its consumers. To this effect, Genuiniti offers custom brand-specific augmented reality experiences, prizes, and URL links.
As a valuable meeting point between a brand and its consumers, Genuiniti offers features that can help promote sales.
Genuiniti helps with auditing and analyzing your inventory.
Auditable & Analyzable
Genuiniti maintains a data log of each product unit from activation to verification. In addition to helping ensure system integrity, this opens many possibilities for future features to help brands improve marketing, sales, auditing, and supply chains.
Use Existing Packaging
Despite Genuiniti’s strong protection, it can be readily integrated with your existing packaging. The physical process can be as simple as applying a sticker. Several smart tags and installation techniques are available to suit the unique needs of brands, products, and packaging.
Despite Genuiniti's strong protection, it can be readily integrated with your existing packaging.
Integrating Genuiniti is very simple four step process.
Simple Integration
Integrating Genuiniti is as simple as purchasing smart tags, applying them to your packaging, activating them, and letting consumers verify authenticity using the Genuiniti app. The activation and verification processes are simple and require no training for staff and consumers.
Proven to Scale
Genuiniti operates on a planet scale. Its infrastructure, apps, features, algorithms, and user experience can scale massively. It protects millions of product units and has hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. No matter how big a brand is, Genuiniti is ready for it.
Genuiniti operates on a planet scale and is proven to scale.