Activation Features
Genuiniti's Product Activation refers to the secure process of enabling a smart-tag-equipped item to authenticate positively when verified by consumers in the Genuiniti ecosystem.
Genuiniti's Activations are high-speed, comprehensive, geofenced, guaranteed distinct, physically invisible, and take just a single tap.
Unlike scratch codes, Genuiniti's smart tags are impractical to reproduce in bulk.
Genuiniti's guaranteed distinct activations ensure that each tag is unique across the world at the time of activation
Verification Features
Genuiniti's verification features offer consumers the ability to distinguish authentic products from fakes. They are among the most powerful in the industry.
They offer strong clone resistance, detect and block clones and illegal reuse, wireless convenience, simplified user experience, and real-time monitoring.
Promotion Features
Encouraging verifications and promoting sales of authentic products are vital to Genuiniti's anti-counterfeiting mission. Product-specific augmented reality experiences, brand-specific prizes, and brand-defined custom experiences are a few ways Genuinit helps brands realize this.
Genuiniti comprehensive activations ensure that it is not susceptible to rogue website attacks common in scratch code-based product authenticity verification.
Genuiniti automatically detects and blocks copies and is thus far superior than scratch code-based systems that are unable to track cloning.
Genuiniti vs. Legacy
By overcoming and avoiding many vulnerabilities of legacy scratch-code-based anti-counterfeiting systems used in many industries, Genuiniti's product authenticity verification is far superior to legacy QR or alphanumeric code-based systems.